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How do we care for water?

Aviva Reed

How do we care for water? How do we care for the essence of life that makes us, that shapes us and holds our turbid hearts in ransom to its full bursting and thirst quenching breath of oxygen rich gulping air.

How do we care the very alive and aware water? Water is alive.

Carrying with it its memories in molecules, a momentum of ebbing tides, of thunderstorms and rainbow rain showers. …. Crashing waves of saline sway, like tears that clean and plasma that feeds… a trickle that wraps its elemental stories in its ability to be fluid and flow. Flow with the breezes that it shapes and mouths that taste it.

 Shaping riverbanks, being shaped by riverbanks, water moves from mountainous forests that make rain from high pressure systems of mist and moisture into grounds of basins and oceans of whales and molluscs.

 How can we care for water? Keep forests in the ground.

 From headwaters alpine, into snow melt that becomes saline… waterfalls with valley’s eroding gullies, silty solutions of salty minerals, ravines built from crystals, erosion weathering the stone down.

 Riverbanks needs trees and sedges, lomandra’s and grasses….diverse life along edges, where rivers meets land…roots  that cling the rocks together. Plant more riparian trees.

 How do we care for water? How do we keep it clean for all life’s thirst, with no rubbish and plastics and pollutions in the dirt. We carefully think about our choices.

 How do we care for the life force we rely upon, the precious drops of liquid, ice and mist that rotate and shift and turn and weave, building and creating life from the inert.

 How do we care for water?