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EON. The Story of the Fossils

EON. The Story of the Fossils, is a groundbreaking art/ science book created by visual ecologist, Aviva Reed. This timely book combines exquisite illustrations with scientific prose to explore the current theory of evolution. In an age of ever increasing complexity, this book combines creative thinking, inspirational imagery and scientific accuracy, encouraging the reader to comprehend the nearly unfathomable concept that is deep time; including that all life is connected in life through an ancient cycling of molecules, that stability is dynamic and changing in the name of adaption, and that we continue to grow together with all organisms on the planet in a reciprocal and collaborative movement towards survival.  This book also implicates microbes as our ancestors and long life collaborators, creating atmospheres and geology. EON asks “What we can learn from billions of years of being part of an evolving ecosystem?

The artworks for this book were developed over a decade through study and immersion by Aviva Reed.

They were created using watercolour and ink on cotton rag paper.